Friday, 5 March 2010

Two-week Follow Up with Doctor

Tomorrow is my 2 week check-up with Dr. L.

On the forums today, I saw a posting from a 44-yr.-old man who had a cataract extracted from one eye a few months ago. He was having trouble with "waxy vision" in his eye, especially at night. He might have to be YAG'ed. He then did a follow-up posting a bit later, and said that, once the Crystalens had been implanted about 3 months, he saw a big improvement w/his problem while taking no action. He did not recommend doing two Crystalens implants two weeks apart. He says the Crystalens is a lense that requires much patience. Meaning, that it takes quite a while for it to heal and settle in. So maybe I shouldn't feel so bad that I can't get both eyes done, two weeks apart. This is pretty much the feeling I got from Dr. R., who said I should wait and see how I do.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Went for a 2-week follow-up visit with Dr. L. I spent some time with the tech, measuring distance vision and then I had to read from a card. According to them, my distance vision is 20/50 in the left eye. I really feel that reading is being overly generous. Because I struggled to read the top line, but maybe the top line was not the same line I read last time.

Ok, so Dr. L examines my eye and declares, "You're about where I expected you to be at this time." And "Your main issue is astigmatism, and that's what I was trying to correct in the operating room." I don't think it really registered with me, but later on I figured that Dr. L meant that he had done the limbal relaxing incisions (LRI) during surgery. These are meant to help the cornea flatten out and might correct the astigmatism to a degree. He says that everyone is an individual in their response and that patience is required. Sometimes the desired outcome may be longer coming. At any rate, I do have a Crystalens, so he told me he wanted me to practice reading as much as possible. Start with large print for a few minutes and then go down to a bit smaller print. I haven't had accommodation in a long time and therefore my ciliary muscles need a work-out. I will see my optometrist on Feb. 9, Dr. L on Feb. 10, and Dr. R. on Feb. 19

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