Friday, 5 March 2010

More Follow-up

Saturday January 16, 2010

It's all so subjective, but it almost seems like I'm seeing a slight improvement in vision out of my left eye. Not so sure though.

My left pupil is almost back to normal size now -- it's only slightly larger than my right pupil. Because of this, I'm not getting very much of the glare and halos now. I was able to drive home tonight from the grocery store. This means I will be able to go to BSF next Monday morning.

The way I'm checking my vision is I'm looking at the clock on my kitchen wall. I'm covering the left eye and then the right eye. There is a Nature post-it on my frig, which is probably 24 point type (red) and sitting at my kitchen table, I can make it out pretty well with my right eye and (almost) with my left one.

January 21, 2010

I further investigated macular pucker on the Internet. I found an Amsler grid on a web site, downloaded the grid, and did the test.

I had never done this before the cataract surgery, but I did it today.

With my right eye covered and staring at the dot in the center of the grid, my left eye sees a slight distortion on the lower left quadrant of the grid. This definitely could be the epiretinal membrane causing this, or it is some macular edema from the cataract surgery. It is very interesting for sure. I decide to write a hub called, "Save Your Vision With the Amsler Grid."

January 23, 2010 Saturday

Still pretty subjective but there may be a slight improvement in my distance vision in my left eye. I'm still looking at the wall clock and my refrigerator.

Three days ago, at the airport, I could look up at the FIDS monitor and read it fine without glasses. But it was unreadable using my left eye.

Well, I hope there is an improvement, but I'm prepared for anything. One thing is sure -- I'm really tired of using those eye drops 4 times per day.

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