Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Practicing Accommodation with the IOL

Jan. 27, 2010

Started reading a large-print book -- Guilty As Sin by Tami Hoag, set in 16 point type. Doing this for 15 minutes, then switching to my NIV Bible for 15 minutes. I believe the Bible has 14 point type but I'm not sure. I can read it Ok but it is a struggle. I wish I could have found a better large print book at the library. This one by Hoag goes back to 1996. Her earlier experience as a romance novelist shows, and not in a good way. I've got to find one of her newer efforts.

OK, I'm writing tonight with my new Levenger fountain pen. I think it is OK for a $60 pen, although I do agree with one reviewer that it would have been a lot nicer if they could have made it with an extra fine point nib. It certainly writes smoothly but I really feel this fine point is too broad.

Friday, Jan. 29, 2010

Did some reading this morning - both from my Tami Hoag book and from my NIV Bible. I believe that my Bible probably has 14 point type -- at least I tried to measure it and that's what it looks like.

I think that my left eye can see print at reading distance, if not small print. It may be improved. Suzanne called me this morning. She had worried yesterday because she was having some visual disturbances not seen before with her migraine headaches. Fortunately, she was able to see a retinal specialist in town and there is no worry of a retinal detachment. Praise God!

Tuesday Feb. 2, 2010

Continuing to practice reading. I traded in the Tami Hoag book that was so boring and picked up Kill the Messenger in large print. It's definitely an improvement over that other book.

I'm not sure that my vision at near distance is any better. At choir rehearsal on Sunday, I lasted the entire time with no reading glasses and it was OK. The notes are a lot easier to see than the words.

My article (2nd one) about the Crystalens is at:
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